WhimSpire is licensed by the state of Colorado as a child placement agency. We are dedicated to providing services that allow young people the opportunity to remain in their communities by offering treatment foster family care services to children and youth.

WhimSpire currently has program staff and treatment foster home resources located in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Teller County; Southwest Colorado including Durango, Cortez and Pagosa Springs area; and Northwest Colorado in Montrose and Delta.

Using a "Reclaiming Model" as a framework for practice, WhimSpire works with care providers to instill a sense of purpose and hope in foster youth. The Reclaiming Model is based on the enhancement of four basic areas of self-esteem:

Belonging - Feeling part of a circle of caring and loving people-whether related or not; helps to strengthen and validate a youth's notion of his worth in society.

Mastery - Facilitation of small successes encourages youth to strive for higher success.

Independence - The purpose of any external discipline is to build internal discipline; finding a more positive view of one's own future.

Generosity - In reaching out to help another, one breaks free from preoccupation of the self.

(adapted from the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk; Our Hope for the Future, Brendtro, Brokenleg and VanBockern)

Current Foster Family Care Openings for Youth (PDF)